3 Signs Of Healing From An Energy Healer’s Perspective

Patricia Bonnard
3 min readFeb 18, 2023


I’ve been practicing various forms of energy-based healing for about 20 years now. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to witness my client’s healing process from an energy healer’s perspective. I saw how each healing was nuanced and full of subtleties. Yet, I could also detect three common signs of healing that are palpable, and often easily recognized by my clients. These signs illustrate, to some extent, how a client heals with energy work.

First Things First, What is Energy Healing

Energy healing encompasses a wide range of holistic mind-body-spirit healing modalities that focus on the body’s subtle energy systems and how they relate to the human body, health, and well-being. Examples are Reiki, Integrated Energy Healing (IET), qigong, acupuncture, and sound and crystal healing.

Put very simply, energy healers eliminate imbalances in this subtle life-force energy, and in so doing, restore its vital flow, and promote healing and wellness at all levels throughout the body.

From an energy healer’s perspective, balanced free-flowing life-force energy is synonymous with health and well being.

3 Classic Signs of Healing

Three common signs of healing illustrate different dimensions of the healing process. These are:

  1. Release
  2. Reestablishment of Coherence Across Energy Bodies
  3. Discovery of the Underlying Story

Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Release As an Indicator of Healing

Typically, illness and imbalance are expressed as stuck energy or incoherent flow.

Some blockages are minor and temporary while others indicate more significant dysfunction. Clearing these blockages reestablishes a vital wholesome energetic flow indicating improved holistic and integrated functioning.

As a practitioner, I typically detect these energy obstructions and disturbed flows. They can feel thick or sticky. I can also sense very subtle blocks. Finally, obstructions can appear as dense objects or invisible walls.

My client might or might not discern a corresponding but not necessarily identical physical sensation. If particularly preceptive, she may note a vague felt sense. But, more commonly, she’ll notice the release or shift. Classic sensations are tingles that diminish as the energy rebalances, and a gentle sense of ease or spaciousness.

2. Coherence Across Energy Bodies

Another healing clue for the practitioner is a discernable interaction between one or more locations within the client’s physical and energy bodies as well as the chakras (spinning wheels of energy along the spine that absorb and expel life-force energy and govern the function and status of the overall system).

This discernment means I can feel the relative vitality of each chakra, the inequalities among them, and interactions among one or more charkas.

An imbalance or dysfunction will lack coherent flow. For example, one chakra might feel relatively empty (deficit or hypoactive) or throbbing (hyperactive). Alternatively, the energy of one chakra could be pulling on another.

Breaking dysfunctional ties and rebalancing the chakras can be imperceptible or extremely subtle to the client. More coherent flow and balance are frequently perceived as fuller, deeper breaths; physical relief, reinvigoration, or relaxation.

3. Discovery of the Underlying Story

As I work with my client, I offer observations about what is happening on an energetic level. Sometimes, I share intuitive messages as well.

I don’t diagnose or tell my client what her story is. Instead, I describe the sensations and relationships I encounter. I also answer questions about what those sensations often mean to other clients and what the functions of the chakras are.

The client is the one who reflects, incorporates what resonates with her, and uncovers her story. This allows her to see how different aspects of her life are a part of her pain and healing. For example, she can see that it isn’t just about eliminating her pain, but also about changing the behavior that creates the pain.

From the energy healer’s perspective, what typically follows these ah-ha moments and story reveals is a large release and shift in my client’s energy creating more balance and wellness.

These are ways that energy healing, unlike conventional healing facilitates a holistic restoration of balance and well-being. The release of blocks, the establishment of coherence throughout bodily systems and all energy bodies, and the unfolding of the underlying story are but just three common signs of healing. Many other subtle changes and cumulative shifts can also induce a dramatic transformation.



Patricia Bonnard

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