Pleasant People and People Pleasers

assessment, especially at that moment. But, what if they never say no even when no is the answer you…

Healing Energy and Animals

Students and energy healing clients always ask me how to raise your vibration. They tend to be quite surprised when I tell them and it turns out to be very much like how you live a healthy, clean life with adequate self-care.

Why raise your vibration?

So You Always Say Yes

A Clearing Energy Meditation You Can Practice In 5 Minutes Or Less

African Painted Dogs or Wild Dogs

It was an absolute delight to spot the African wild dog pack. I’ve gone on safari in South Africa a number of times. And, I’ve been fortunate to see cheetahs and leopards and the rest of the “Big Five” animals (elephant, lion, water buffalo, rhinoceros). One alluring, yet still elusive…

How To Empower Your Staff Members Who Have Imposter Syndrome

Patricia Bonnard

Integrated Coach and Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, Teacher

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