A Clearing Energy Meditation You Can Practice In 5 Minutes Or Less

Patricia Bonnard
4 min readOct 18, 2021


A Clearing Energy Meditation You Can Practice In 5 Minutes Or Less

Most of us would agree modern western society is fast-paced, hyper-stimulating, externally focused, and constantly changing. It endlessly bombards us with literal and figurative noise as well as measurable and subtle energy. In this kind of environment, it’s hard to stay grounded, centered, and clear. Fortunately, we have a powerful reset button right within our own biopsychology. It’s our breath: prana or life-force energy. And we can access it 24/7. Did you know that you can create a clearing energy meditation you can practice in five minutes or less anywhere and any time you like just by breathing?

Energy Clearing Meditation

Comprised of just two components — breath and visualization — this meditation is simple, easy to learn, effective, and convenient anywhere.

The Two Components

It doesn’t require you to sit in the lotus position, use a mudra (hand posture as in the photo), or even close your eyes. Although, all of these elements will facilitate flow and clearing. Good posture or a straight spine is, nonetheless, recommended. Still, do what comes with ease and be as discrete as you like.

All that’s required is to breath rhythmically, with comfortable long and deep breaths: four to six seconds for each inhale and exhale is a good target. Try to equalize the inhales and exhales, but most importantly, maintain a breathing pattern that’s comfortable for you.

Simultaneously, allow your mind’s eye or simply your intention to gently direct the exhalation internally to various parts of your body.

One Variation Among Many

An easy and effective progression is to start by sending the breath down your legs and through your feet into the earth. If you like, repeat this more than once. Sense yourself grounding to the earth. Then, envision your exhalations softly swirling through your abdomen, clearing away anything that doesn’t serve you.

Next send your breath down your neck, across your shoulders, down your arms, and through your hands. Feel tension melt away. Then, send your exhale across your face, sensing your brow and jaw soften. I like to finish off with an exhale through the mind, clearing away the jumble of thoughts, to-do lists, or whatever else keeps the mind busy.

Repeat deep slow breathing with visualization sending the breath to anywhere that needs attention. You can continue breathing this way for as long as you like. You’ll know when you’ve followed the practice long enough because you’ll feel calm, centered, and clear.

At this point, you can go straight to my FREE downloadable guided version of the practice called, Relax, Ground, and Clear the Mind. Or, learn more about how this meditation works.

Breathwork and Clearing Energy

For thousands of years, people have used breath or prana to move and clear energy. Yogis and yoga practitioners use Pranayama techniques to manipulate their pattern of breathing in order to move, alter, and/or elevate life force energy.

More recently, research reveals biological systems within the body employ the breath (its pattern, composition, and other qualities) as a barometer and a rebalancing agent. For example, short shallow breathing can initiate an autonomic nervous system (ANS) stress response while a different pattern of breathing can tone the vagus nerve, shift the ANS, and encourage rebalance.

Brainwaves, Energy Clearing, and Presence

With this type of breathing meditation, you can shift from a cluttered or highly active brain state into a more centered and clear one.

You can move from your active, focused, and analytical brain state (Beta) into a relaxed, more expansive, and creative Alpha state.

These brain states are natural and everyone moves back and forth between them throughout the day, sometimes resting in one state for a prolonged period depending on intention and need.

In addition to promoting relaxation, being in an Alpha mind state helps you open your perspective, turn your attention inward toward your embodied mind or body-mind. Your right hemisphere becomes more dominant, allowing you to access greater creativity, intuition, and original thinking.


Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is life coach and energy healer. She is a Master/Instructor of eight different forms of Reiki and has been practicing and teaching for nearly 20 years. She blends conventional coaching, embodied practices, and energy healing and offers virtual and in-person sessions and workshops to workplaces and the general public anywhere in the world. See more and contact her at Starchaser Integrated Coaching and Energy Healing.



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