Balancing Chakras Reveals Your Best Healing Path

Chakras and Your Well-Being

Many people think health and well-being are synonymous. But, they aren’t.

Chakras and the Best Healing Path

Chakras are always shifting. They go in and out of balance all the time. When one or more chakras shift out of balance, they may pull others along with them. Therefore, the idea is not to focus singularly on one chakra but to consider the whole system.

Confusion About What You Really Want

Many people find it difficult to know what they really want. They’re influenced by what’s going on in the external world around them: other people’s opinions, social media, advertisements, etc. It can be stressful or actually intimating to be self-reliant. That is to check in with yourself and stand by what comes up.

Authencity and The Sixth and Seventh Chakras

While these two chakras are commonly known as seats of insight and higher knowing, when imbalanced or dysfunctional they can present just the opposite. Dysfunction within either can manifest as an inability to sense within, access inner knowing, or maintain focus. The crown can create cognitive or spiritual rigidity, confusion, and delusions. The third eye can cause you to become obsessed with dreams and daydreaming, making it difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.

Chakras and Preventive and Holistic Care

So, open your mind and vision to your greater wholeness and take responsibility and control over your own well-being. Remember these three key takeaways.

  1. Since chakras are holistic in nature, they can orient you in an integrated and complementary way such that you’ll be able to address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual complex that reinforces your chronic imbalance or pain.
  2. All pain and imbalance have stories behind them. In order for a treatment to be sustainable, you’ll have to do complementary work in different areas of your life. That could mean attuning to and strengthening your emotional intelligence or challenging your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  3. If you have trouble sensing your chakras’ energy or discerning chakra functioning from behaviors, moods, and other signals of imbalance, seek help from an energy healer.



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Patricia Bonnard

Patricia Bonnard


Integrated Coach and Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, Teacher