Chakra Imbalances Reveal the Story Behind Your Pain

Conventional Pain Treatment

Most doctors want to pinpoint a specific cause and solution for their patients’ expressed symptoms. In fact, most patients generally want that too. Who wouldn’t? It’s straightforward. Hence, the path to recovery is ostensibly more unambiguous and decisive. Nonetheless, you’re probably well aware this particular problem is not that simple. After all, whatever you’ve tried hasn’t resolved it yet.

Healing Energy and the Full Story Behind Your Pain

Unraveling the Whole Story of Your Pain

In my experience, clients tend to compartmentalize their issues. For example, a client might say: “Well, my neck is so stiff and painful and it keeps me from getting a good night’s sleep. Can you fix that?”

How Chakra Imbalances Tell the Client’s Whole Story

Let’s look at the same scenario, only this time including an assessment of her chakras, chakra imbalances, and what they can illuminate.

Balancing Chakras Helps Knits the Energetic Experience Together

When I balance a client’s chakras, I work with each one individually and in relation to the others. I sense the quality of the energy (e.g, warm, throbbing, sticky, empty) and how one chakra might pull on another one or more of the others. Most of my observations derive from sensing, some through intuition. Interpreting my observations, my client divulges her story. In the process we also balance her energy, creating more life moving forward flow.

5 Energy Observations and What They Might Mean

I’ve included five observations about the chakras here for illustration. In reality, there could be more or less.

  1. The root relates to basic needs and security, and the legs and feet are an extension of the root. They reflect motion or action. The right side of the body represents forward and outward motion. Her chronic pain and the dense stuck energy in her knees suggest she’s not able to move forward or draw to herself what she authentically desires. She’s also concerned for her financial security should she shift careers.
  2. I notice her heart chakra is airy and weak. Again, another sign she’s not following her heart and connecting with her higher self.
  3. The throat chakra is associated with communication and the manifestation of intentions and purpose. Her stiff neck reflects her inability to fulfill her life purpose and the sense that she is stuck where she is and unable to communicate her plight to her father. She may not want to openly admit her mistake to others in general.
  4. Both her solar plexus and crown chakras feel pushy and exert some pain in the center of my palms. For her part, she rattles off a whole series of reasons why she can’t change her situation. No doubt, these energies represent my client’s limiting thoughts and beliefs holding her in place.

A Real Path to Healing

This isn’t to say that energy work and chakra balancing replace conventional medicine but rather be complementary in very important and informative ways. Most definitely, this type of healing practice can offer you greater knowledge and control over your unique healing path.



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