How To Balance Your Chakras For Ultimate Creative Alignment

Why Balance Your Chakras

Your seven primary chakras influence essentially every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic. When in balance they support your creative life-affirming forward motion. However, when out of balance they can create subtle shifts in your equilibrium and even significant imbalance and dis-ease. With this in mind, it’s good to know how to balance your chakras for ultimate creative alignment.

As an energy healer, I find the best way to rebalance is with energy healing. Nevertheless, you can still balance your chakras even if you haven’t been attuned.

Let’s look at 7 straightforward practices that anyone can use.

The Dynamic Equilibrium Of Chakras And Ourselves

Before diving into the “how,” let’s first be clear on what it means for the chakras to be balanced or unbalanced.

We often make the mistake of thinking we can achieve a lasting state of balance if only we behaved a certain way. But, it doesn’t work like that.

Energy is vibrational, and, therefore, always moving in waves (i.e, frequencies). Because we are energy, we’re vibrational, and always moving too. In other words, we’re dynamic. The same is true for our chakras. Furthermore, everything inside and outside of us is energy. Thus, everything is always changing, interacting, and going in and out of balance.

Therefore, the act of balancing is dynamic too. The aim is not to achieve a stationary state but rather to build resilience such that when you or your chakras go out of balance, you can swing back into balance swiftly. To do this, it’s important to notice subtle shifts and readily take restorative action. Realignment is an endless process that becomes easier with practice and attention.

Keep in mind, as well, that when one chakra is out of balance, typically others will be as well. You might also experience a time when one chakra is tugging at another: it’s dysfunctional and pulls another along with it, or one compensates for it, which is less than ideal.

7 Do-It-Yourself Ways to Balance Your Chakras

There are a number of ways to tone with sound. Try chanting chakra bijas. Each chakra has its own, e.g., ham for the throat chakra. Alternatively, use tuning forks or singing bowls tuned to chakras frequencies (intervals). Try also music composed specifically for chakra balancing or for your unique imbalance.

You can tone one, two, several, or all of the chakras at one time.

Your breath is an excellent tool for clearing and balancing energy. There are many techniques to choose from. Try somatic breathing into the chakras while visualizing their color or mandala. Breath down the spinal column and the central light column visualizing bright white or golden light flowing down and out the root chakra. Alternatively, draw in earth energy up in the reverse direction and through the crown.

Keep your spine comfortably straight, your chest open, and your shoulders down to facilitate the movement of your breath and flow of energy.

Many kinds of meditation facilitate chakra balance. Find the one that works best for you. If you like, add visualization such as a spinning wheel, color, a chakra mandala, supportive crystals, or simply gently and inwardly explore places or situations that correspond to the attributes of balanced chakras. For example, a forest with deeply rooted trees for the root chakra. Maybe a scene or the sense of love and kindness for the heart chakra.

Certain yoga poses encourage the balanced expression of particular chakras. Some options include mountain pose or warrior one for the root chakra, boat pose for the solar plexus, or sphinx poses for the heart.

Here, shape-shifting refers to your posture and movement. The idea is to occupy shapes and move which meme and embody the balanced attributes of a particular chakra, set of chakras, or one by one each of the chakras. For example, gassho (i.e., prayer position) and open arms can embody the connection and love of the heart. Hips tilted or thrust forward align with the sacral chakra.

Energy healers are well-aware that crystals are strongly vibrational. In fact, they often add crystals to their sessions or meditations to galvanize the desired transformation. The blog photo illustrates a crystal grid formed using crystals that correspond to each chakra: amethyst for the crown, lapis lazuli for the third eye, and on down.

The quartz single-point crystal on the right encourages upward flow, while the deep brown tiger eye crystal supports grounding. The larger single-point crystal on the left intensifies the overall energetic connections and healing.

True all-natural, complete essential oils have potent subtle energy healing properties that overlap with the chakras’ attributes. For example, such vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) is grounding like the root chakra is, and rose (Rosadamascena) encourages connection, compassion, and love as does the heart chakra. In fact, the healing properties of plants and chakras overlap in many ways. For more suggestions see my ebook Essential Oils For the Chakras.

You can diffuse high-quality essential oils or charge up a personal inhaler with a blend that addresses the signs of your imbalance and by extension facilitates the rebalancing of the chakra or chakras you’re working with, and to reinvigorate creative alignment.

So, for ultimate creative alignment, regularly tune into your energy and your body, and notice if there’s a sense of interference, imbalance, weakness, or agitation. Do you get an intuitive message to give some attention to something within you? If so, try one of these methods. And, make sure to note what happens: what works and what doesn’t. In this way, you can build your knowledge of, and relationship with, your chakras. Ultimately, you’ll build your resilience.

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Patricia Bonnard

Patricia Bonnard

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