How to Set Your Intention and Get What You Want

Why Set Your Intention For Personal Fulfillment?

Start With Well-Defined Intentions

7 Ways to Work With Your Intention and Fulfill It

  1. Every so often, take time to reflect and even daydream about what your life will be like when you fulfill your intention.
  2. Journal about your intention. By doing so, you’ll reflect on how this intention will contribute to your personal fulfillment. You can also identify and prioritize actions to support your desired transformation.
  3. Create a crystal grid or vision board that encompasses your vision and intention. In addition, you can charge the grid or board with the energy of your intention. Periodically visit it and recharge it.
  4. Focus on who you expect to be when you fulfill your intentions. And, be that person now. Start small, habituate yourself, and continue to adopt more attributes over time.
  5. Keep your intention close to your heart and in your daydreams, staying open to related opportunities as they arise. This means you don’t plan and designate your solar plexus chakra to will your intention into existence. Focus on the feeling state rather than a strategy.
  6. If you have many intentions, select one or a couple to focus on right now. Too many intentions can dilute the effort you can put toward any one intention. Plus, lots of details cause confusion. This is true even on an energetic level. When you’re confused, your energy is likely to be confused and incoherent. This muddles energetic clarity and alignment.
  7. Diffuse essential oils to create a supportive atmosphere. The idea is to pair your intention with the biophysical and metaphysical properties of particular essential oils. Another option is to diffuse a cleansing blend to energetically clear you and your space, thus removing toxins and clutter from the past, opening to flow, and your life forward movement. (See my post Smudging Using Diffuser Oils for Energy Work Clearing.)



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Patricia Bonnard

Patricia Bonnard


Integrated Coach and Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, Teacher