Is Your Lack of Confidence At Work Holding You Back In Your Career?

Are You Confident In Yourself and Others At Work?

Lack of Confidence At Work is Actually Very Common

7 Behaviors That Indicate a Lack of Confidence At Work is Holding You Back

  1. Frequent comparsions of yourself to and modeling yourself after others.
  2. A persistent external focus that causes you to neglect and/or devalue your own personal perspectives as well as inhibit the development of your unique strengths and skills.
  3. Reliance on frequent encouragement and acknowledgment of your work performance and on guidance and orientation from others.
  4. Hesitation toward expressing your opinion or making suggestions for fear you’ll appear foolish, incompetent, or inexperienced.
  5. Dread giving or receiving feedback, mentoring others, or managing performance direct reports.
  6. Avoid certain key responsibilities tied to professional advancement because you question your ability to successfully fulfill these responsibilities.
  7. Have difficulty meeting deadlines because you fear failure and compulsively scrutinize the quality of your work and make endless revisions.

Or Is It Your Lack Of Confidence In Others?



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Patricia Bonnard

Patricia Bonnard


Integrated Coach and Energy Healer, Writer, Speaker, Teacher