Waking Up to Spring Equinox Energy: Time to Re-Emerge and Grow

Patricia Bonnard
5 min readMar 15, 2022


Magnolia bud opening in early spring

Going With the Flow of Nature’s Energy

Did you know you can take advantage of spring equinox energy to re-emerge from themore reflective and inward focus of winter? Well, you definitely can. In fact, a spring boost can help you transform your winter reflections into concrete realities. So, let’s take a closer look at how waking up to the spring equinox can energize your intentions and ambitions.

Using Nature’s Energy Is An Ancient Practice

As a matter of fact, this belief in celestial, natural, and seasonal influences is nothing new. In fact, since ancient times, people have celebrated seasonal transitions as welcome signs of the opportunities the coming seasons would afford them if they choose to align with them. Moreover, they were astutely aware of how nature’s energies permeate life. For example, the earth’s energy grounds us while its vibrational frequency (i.e., Schummnan’s Resonance) entrains our heartbeat, the moon pulls and pushes on the oceans creating tides, and the energy of the sun awakens the life force held within seeds, plants, and animals that lay dormant over the wintertime. Furthermore, nature and seasonal transitions affect people too. Don’t people generally perk up at the first signs of verdant spring?

What’s The Spring Equinox

Twice a year, during the earth’s orbit around the sun, its equator crosses the center of the sun. In addition, on the same day, the sun can be seen directly overhead at noon. Consequently, this specific celestial configuration produces a day with approximately equal nighttime and daylight: an equinox. For example, in the northern hemisphere, March 20th marks the spring or vernal equinox and September 22nd the fall or autumnal equinox. Conversely, if you’re in the southern hemisphere these dates are reversed.

What’s Spring Equinox Energy Like?

Each equinox and subsequent season ushers in a specific type of energetic shift. But, here we want to take a closer look at the specific qualities of spring equinox energy (if in the southern hemisphere or simply interested in the autumnal equinox energy, click here).

Overall, spring’s energetic quality is revivifying. At this time of year, nature is waking up to spring and reenergizing. There’s a sense of stretching, reaching, expansion, and greater movement and flow. Seeds rupture and stretch toward the earth’s warmer surface and seedlings push onward into the sunlight. Water and sap thaw and flow. Animals come out of hibernation. And, birds, as well as other transient species, migrate.

Aligning With Spring Energy

Though the description of spring energy may appear a bit prosaic, it’s actually good evidence and a reminder of the inherent energetic alignment of all living beings with nature, humans included. Even if many people choose to ignore it.

Nonetheless, just as it does in other living beings, this energetic shift can lead to greater creativity and growth in people and, in particular, you. So, here are actions you might take to align and benefit from the equinox and spring:

  • Put more attention on a particular area of your life that you would like to strengthen. For example, maybe you’d like to stretch and perfect a given skill.
  • Perhaps an expansion of knowledge or certain tangental capacities could strengthen your professional or leisure performance and opportunities.
  • Initiate movement through a job change, relocation, or greater participation in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or gardening.
  • Stimulate creativity by indulging in an art form, redecorating, or journaling.
  • Bring to life a personal vision or some musing from the darker spiritual time of winter.

How You Can Celebrate Waking Up to Spring

Typically, celebrations of waking up to spring incorporate elements of detoxification and creation. The former sets a clear pathway for your intention and actions. The latter emulates, embodies, and thus honors the emergent and expansive quality of nature.


Spring detoxification is an ancient practice, although, there has been a recent surge in interest in all kinds of detoxing practices: one might even call the movement “trendy.” The idea behind spring detoxification is to rid the body (and mind and spirit) of accumulated toxins stemming from heavier diets and a more sedentary existence typically associated with the winter.

Another way to look at is you want to detox, cleanse, and create a clearer, more open, flexible path for whatever your current intentions are.

If you’re lucky, the current lunar energy will align with the particular seasonal shift and hence reinforce it. So, check your lunar calendar because the extent of alignment varies from year to year.

Always start the detoxification and letting go process on the preceding full moon because its energy helps you let go and clear space for something new (see my blog post on working with full moon energy).

To clear and cleanse consider smudging (see my mind-body-spirit blog posts or ebook on smudging for more). Create a sacred fire to burn effigies of your obstacles, and/ offer intentions to the fire’s transmutational powers.

Alternatively or in addition, consider the cleansing property of water. You could soak in a tub or take a dip in fresh cold water. Note that salt has clearing attributes as well.


Take a critical step toward the fulfillment of one of your personal, spiritual, or professional goals and celebrate your active commitment. Create a vision board dedicated to your intentions.

You could also form a crystal grid dedicated to those intentions and galvanize the spring equinox energy and your intentions with those energetic properties of your chosen crystals.


Probably one of the most common ways people, including the ancients, celebrated the spring equinox was through music and dance. Choose your preferred genre of music and dance, but make sure to incorporate the element of stretching, expansion, and meaningful movement.

As woo-woo as it may seem, rest assured that all of nature, including yourself, is influenced, oriented, and supported by nature and the various celestial configurations. Align with them and add ease and proficiency to your intentions and actions.


Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is an integrated spiritual life coach and energy healer. She offers virtual and in-person sessions and numerous short workshops on personal growth, natural healing, and wellness. For more about Patricia, visit her website Starchaser Healing Arts, or contact her using her online forms



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