What’s Intuitive Energy Healing

Patricia Bonnard
4 min readFeb 22, 2022


Difficulty Defining Intuition, Subtle Energy, and Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive energy healing combines intuition and subtle energy to gain insights and induce healing. However, it doesn’t subsume all intuitive healing or energy healing. Nor are any of these three approaches mutually exclusive.

Their boundaries are fuzzy and porous. In part, because so many people and practitioners define healing and intuition in different ways. Additionally, many practitioners offer multiple services and/or blend several modalities into their own unique offerings. Consequently, there are myriad intuitive and energy healing options.

And, Science Lags Behind

Relying on conventional science doesn’t add clarity either because intuition and energy healing continue to elude sufficient scientific exploration and explanation. Researchers are unable to measure and substantiate either’s existence and process. Still, many clients and practitioners affirm that real healing takes place.

Even as neuroscientists map more and more areas of the brain involved in these types of healing, observations derived from this type of Cartesian inquiry are unlikely to adequately describe and explain how intuition arises or subtle energy functions within the body.

One Practitioner’s Perspective

So, I can only offer you my point of view as a practitioner and knowledge seeker. My intention is for my perspective to give you some clarity and discernment about these different practices so that you can make better choices about which healing practices suit you and your intentions.

You’ll also be better able to understand your practitioner’s healing insights and choice to take recommended actions or not. This greater knowledge and discernment can go a long way towards you owning your personal healing and spiritual path.

Defining Intuition, Energy Healing, And Intuitive Energy Healing

What’s Intuition

Intuition arises as an instant understanding of something without knowing how or why you know it. This understanding comes without thinking or conscious reasoning.

Intuition is distinct from other important forms of internal sensing such as felt senses, gut feelings, and heartfelt notions. It uniquely takes the form of short, direct, objective messages, which may, or may not, be associated with one of these other forms of sensing.

Let’s look at gut feelings, an example of internal sensing, as a means of clarification. When someone’s gut churns it could mean indigestion or it could mean something is not quite right with a large recent purchase. The choice to drink chamomile tea does not involve intuition. On the other hand, in the latter situation, intuition gives you the idea to cancel the order. The intuitive message, “don’t do it,” is separate but associated with the gut feeling: maybe even the identical feeling as in the former case.

A Caution About Intuitive Messages

A word of caution about intuition. Healers and psychics often give their clients the impression that their intuitive readings are definitive. But, they’re not. Intuitive information applies only in the present moment. And, the only person who can discern its relevance and act upon it is you. If the message doesn’t seem relevant to you, it probably isn’t.

Your life trajectory is constantly evolving. Innumerable factors, including your own intentions and actions, can alter it.

What’s Energy Healing?

The definition of energy healing is fairly straightforward. All forms of energy healing work intentionally and directly with subtle energy such as the chakras and cellular memory, and by extension, the dense energy that constitutes the physical body, all of its components, and its various forms of bio-energy, e.g., heat, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic.

Most modalities involve the channeling of universal life-force energy through the practitioner who acts as a hollow bone or clear channel. The client receives pure life-force energy, which the practitioner doesn’t alter in any way.

Energy healing addresses a wide range of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, past, present, and future issues.

And, it includes among its practitioners those who work strictly with subtle energy: they sense without receiving intuitive messages or gleaning underlying stories and relationships within the body, mind, and spirit, or in the past, present, and future. Still, the healing can be profound without an intuitive aspect. (See my webpage for more on energy healing.)

Putting It All Together: You Get Intuitive Energy Healing

So, as stated upfront, intuitive energy healing combines intuition and subtle energy to gain insights and induce healing. Typically, an intuitive energy healer will receive messages and impressions (remember the intuition caution above).

As examples, intuitive messages, impressions, and stories may relate to any of the following:

  • important underlying connections with the past and/or past lives;
  • limiting thoughts and beliefs and how they contribute to imbalance, challenges, and/or potential solutions;
  • stories related to particular chakra imbalances or dysfunctional interactions;
  • aspects of your life story that contribute to or lead to the imbalance and explicit symptoms;
  • impressions of past, chronic, or current physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health issues;
  • areas of lack, challenge, and struggle;
  • areas of unmet needs, desired expressions, or actualization;
  • impressions of your life purpose or soul’s mission;
  • glimpses of your shadow self, its influence, and/or its yearning;
  • symbols and metaphors of any of the above.

These messages can be literal or symbolic. They can be partial or whole, vague or crystal clear.

All the intuitive information arises in service of the healing intention. This is why setting a positive, clear, specific intention is so important. Even if it’s just a generic intention such as healing in the client’s highest and best interest.

And, keep in mind, another healing on the same day with a very different intention can evoke very different, or perhaps complementary, messages and impressions.

It’s important that the intuitive aspect of the session contributes to a deepening of the healing process and supports life moving forward.



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